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To buy out somebody or something (or buy somebody or something out) is to buy all or part of a company or business from somebody else. Examples of use: a) We’ve just signed a deal to buy them out for $2 million. b) My business partner wanted to retire so I bought her out. c) If you want total control of the business, why don’t you try buying him … [Read more…]

1. If a business or company goes under, it fails financially and closes. Examples of use: a) They went under during the last recession b) I worked for a small retailer until they went under last year. c) Our biggest customer has gone under owing us over £30,000. d) Their company went under because they failed to keep up with the latest developments … [Read more…]

1. If you call back somebody (or call somebody back) you telephone someone who rang you earlier; or you telephone someone for a second time. Examples of use: a) Mr Evans telephoned while you were out: he wants you to call him back. b) He forgot to book a double room, so he had to call the hotel back. c) Can you get Mr Hooper to call me back at 4pm, please? d) Have you … [Read more…]

To report back is to tell someone (usually someone in authority) some information that you have discovered.   Examples of use: a) Report back to me when you have finished your research. b) Can you attend the meeting and report back to me afterwards, please? c) We will report back with our findings next week. d) The research team will report back with the results of … [Read more…]

1. To take over something (or take something over) is to start doing something that someone else was responsible for before you. Examples of use: a) Isaac is taking over the business from his father. b) My daughter is going to take over the business accounts. c) She took over as manager when Mr Hunt retired. d) We took over the running of our parent’s farm. 2. If … [Read more…]