Breeze through – English Phrasal Verb – Online English Lessons

1. To breeze through something is to do something, or succeed at something, very easily or confidently.

Informal English.

Examples of use:

a) He breezed though his English exam.

b) She breezed through her driving test.

c) Don’t worry, you’ll breeze through your interview.

d) She breezes through her housework.

2. To breeze through somewhere is to move through a place quicky and casually.

Informal English.

Examples of use:

a) We breezed through Santa Monica on our way to San Francisco.

b) We breezed through customs when we landed at Gatwick airport.

breeze through
present simple
breeze through and breezes through
-ing form
breezing through
past simple
breezed through
past participle
breezed through

Note: sail through has a similar meaning to breeze through

Can you use breeze through in a sentence?

Do you breeze through your exams?

Can you think of somewhere you have breezed through?

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