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To breeze in / into somewhere is to enter quickly and confidently.

This expression is often used to describe people who breeze into somewhere without caring what other people think.

Examples of use:

1. She breezed into the room and took over the meeting.

2. Hey! We were watching that: you can’t just breeze in here and change the TV channel!

3. News headline: Germany breeze into next round of World Cup.

4. Wimbledon tennis news: Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova breeze into last 16.

infinitive breeze in / into
present simple breeze in / into and breezes in / into
-ing form breezing in / into
past simple breezed in / into
past participle breezed in / into

Can you use breeze into in a sentence?

Do you think it is rude to breeze into a meeting and take over?

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