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April 5, 2012 By Angela Boothroyd

St George is the patron saint of England. St George’s Day is on the 23rd April and it’s the national day of England. St George died on 23rd April in 303 AD. In 1222, the 23rd of April was declared a feast day or public holiday by the Synod of Oxford in honour of St […]

March 31, 2010 By Angela Boothroyd

April Fools’ Day is celebrated on the 1st April in many countries, including in the UK. It’s also known as All Fools’ Day. April Fools’ Day is traditionally a day to trick people into believing stories that aren’t true, and for playing jokes on people in order to make them laugh, or appear foolish.   […]

March 31, 2010 By Angela Boothroyd

If somebody is an April Fool they are the victim of a practical joke played on April Fools’ Day (1st April). Example of use: 1. Her children made an April Fool of her by putting salt in her cup of tea. When someone successfully plays an April Fool trick on somebody they often shout out […]