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If you chicken out of something you decide not to do it because you are afraid. Informal English. Examples of use: 1. He chickened out of the parachute jump. 2. She chickened out of asking Michael to the college prom. 3. I would like to visit my brother in Australia but I’m afraid of flying so I keep chickening out. 4. Did you ask her out on a … [Read more…]

To saddle up something (or saddle something up) is to put a saddle on a horse. Examples of use: 1. She saddled up her horse and set off across the fields. 2. Can you saddle up my horse, please? 3. He saddled up his horse and rode off into the sunset. 4. Shall we saddle up the horses and go for a ride on the beach? 5. She’s learning how to saddle up … [Read more…]

1. If something, such as a bird, insect or bat, flutters about (or flutters around), it flies with quick and light movements of its wings. Examples of use: a) I love watching butterflies flutter around the flowers in my garden. b) Moths flutter around our outside light at night. c) He filmed the hummingbirds fluttering around the feeder.   Video of … [Read more…]

To squirrel away something (or squirrel something away) is to store something (especially money) in a safe or secret place so you can use it later. A squirrel is a tree-dwelling rodent with a long bushy tail, that eats mainly nuts, berries and seeds. Squirrels bury nuts and other food underground in autumn. During the cold winter months they eat these hidden stores of … [Read more…]

A guinea pig is somebody or something that is used to test new ideas or products. Guinea pigs are small stout-bodied rodents. In the UK they are often kept as much-loved pets. Unfortunately, they are also often used in research labs for research and biological experiments, and this is the origin of this idiomatic expression. Examples of use: 1. I wanted to test a new … [Read more…]