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To coop up somebody or something (or to coop somebody or something up) is to keep an animal or person in a small place. Usually passive. coop (noun) – a cage or small enclosure for keeping poultry.   Examples of use: 1. Our chickens don’t like being cooped up so we let them out in the garden every morning. 2. They cooped their parrot up in a tiny … [Read more…]

A guinea pig is somebody or something that is used to test new ideas or products. Guinea pigs are small stout-bodied rodents. In the UK they are often kept as much-loved pets. Unfortunately, they are also often used in research labs for research and biological experiments, and this is the origin of this idiomatic expression. Examples of use: 1. I wanted to test a new … [Read more…]

To horse about, or horse around, is to behave in a silly, rough or careless way.   Informal English.   horseplay (noun) – rough or boisterous play to horse about or horse around is to engage in horseplay.   Examples of use: 1. They were horsing around together in the snow; laughing and pushing each other and being stupid. 2. Stop horsing … [Read more…]

A night owl is someone who likes to stay awake until late at night, or who works at night.   Examples of use: 1. He’s always been a night owl: when he was a child he often read until past midnight. 2. There were a few night owls sitting in the café, but most people had gone home. 3. I’m a night owl: I do my best work at night.   Are you … [Read more…]

To fish out something (or fish something out) is to pull someone or something out of water, or take something out of a bag, pocket or other container, especially after searching for it. Informal English. Examples of use: 1. He fished out his business card and handed it to me. 2. She fished out a coin from the bottom of her bag and put it in the parking meter. 3. His … [Read more…]