Angela Boothroyd

  To warm to somebody is to start to like or feel affection for someone.   To warm to something is to become enthusiastic about or interested in something. For example: If you warm to an idea you start to become interested in or enthusiastic about it.   Examples of use: 1. My mother didn’t like my boyfriend when they first met, but she’s warming … [Read more…]

  1. To throw together something, or throw something together, is to prepare or create it without much planning and with whatever is available at the time. Examples of use: a) I haven’t been shopping this week. I’ll have to throw something together for dinner again. b) It was late when she got home from work so she threw a quick salad together and then went to … [Read more…]

    An anagram is word or phrase made by rearranging all the letters of another word or phrase. Anagrams are often used for fun and are used mainly in games and puzzles, especially crosswords. Etymology From Greek, ‘anagrammatizein’ – transpose letters   Here are some simple anagrams: ape – pea dairy – diary eat – tea skin – … [Read more…]

1. To make over something or somebody (or make something or somebody over) is to give them a different or improved appearance. If a person is made over they are given a new hairstyle and new clothes and makeup, usually by a professional stylist. If a building or room, or a piece of furniture, is made over it is given a new and better appearance, and maybe a new … [Read more…]

To stop over is to stop at a place and stay there for one or two days when you are on a journey to somewhere else. American English: lay over has the same meaning as stop over. I would be interested to know if speakers of American English also use ‘stop over’ – do you know?  🙂 And what about in Canada, Australia or New Zealand?   Examples of use: 1. We … [Read more…]