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1. To act out something (or act something out) is to perform the actions, gestures and speech of something (e.g. a play or a story). Examples of use: a) In my drama class today we acted out scenes from The Lord of the Rings b) Every Christmas the school children act out the story of the Nativity. c) He’s always loved performing: when he was a very small … [Read more…]

1. To tamper with something is to touch or change something without permission. Examples of use: a) The lock on my drawer has been tampered with and some of my files have gone. b) He went to prison for tampering with the brakes of his neighbour’s car. c) The cricket player was accused of tampering with the ball. d) Who has tampered with the heating … [Read more…]

To build up to something is to gradually prepare yourself, or someone else, for a particular occasion or event.   Examples of use: 1. The shops are building up to Christmas with festive decorations and music. 2. I built up to running in the London Marathon by running short distances every day. 3. He’s been building up all week to telling his parents he … [Read more…]

To scrape into (or scrape in) is to be accepted somewhere, or to achieve a position, but with a lot of difficulty or by a very small number of points or votes. Examples of use: 1. The marathon runner beat his rival by one second, and scraped into first place. 2. Her exam results were disappointing and she only just scraped into university. 3. I didn’t work very … [Read more…]

To make it up to somebody is to do something good for someone you have upset or done something bad to, or for someone who has done something good for you.   Examples of use: 1. I’m really sorry I broke your vase. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. 2. I’ve been working all day, every day, for a month. I don’t know how I’m going to make it up to my … [Read more…]