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March 5, 2012 By Angela Boothroyd

1. To act out something (or act something out) is to perform the actions, gestures and speech of something (e.g. a play or a story).

Examples of use:

a) In my drama class today we acted out scenes from The Lord of the Rings

b) Every Christmas the school children act out the story of the Nativity.

c) He’s always loved performing: when he was a very small child he acted out short plays for his parents and grandparents.

2. To act out something (or act something out) is to express your thoughts or emotions through your words or behaviour.

a) During the riots some young people acted out their frustrations by vandalising shops.

b) Some people think that bullies act out their feelings of anger and sadness by hurting others.

act out
present simple
act out and acts out
-ing form
acting out
past simple
acted out
past participle
acted out

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Image © Alan Cleaver