A sandwich course – English Idiom – Onine English Lessons

A sandwich course is a vocational course which includes academic study, and work or practical experience.

The practical work is sandwiched between the academic work. In other words, a student might spend one term studying mechanics, one term working in a garage, and the next term studying mechanics again.

Example of use:

Robert has registered for a sandwich course to learn about journalism. He will work in a news room for part of the course and also study at college.

A sandwich is two slices of bread containing a filling such as cheese, meat or salad.

It is said that the English Fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montague (1718 – 1792), loved playing card games and because he didn’t like to stop playing to eat, he invented the sandwich: slices of beef between two pieces of bread, that he could eat while he played cards.

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