A manifesto for an English teacher | Online English Lessons

Here are some of the things that are important to me…

I believe that mastering English is an important skill for global citizens today, and I believe that anyone who wants to learn English should have access to high quality, motivating, and professional learning materials and teachers; at reasonable and accessible prices.

Education should be inspiring and motivating and in an ideal world learners will also have access to the support and help needed to gain and maintain the skills, motivation and confidence to be independent self-directed learners, and to make good use of all the resources available to them.

I’m committed to providing non-native English speakers with high-quality lessons and resources at a fair price; and to helping them gain the skills and knowledge they need to successfully learn English.

My big (huge!) goal for the future is to grow a large and successful site for English language learners based on the ‘pay what you can’ for-profit business model, i.e. based on people’s ability to pay. The site will provide people who want to learn English with the resources and support they need, at a price *they* can afford. Who knows if I can succeed at this – I won’t know unless I try 🙂 I’ll be embarking on this new project on my Botanical Linguist site, which will launch later this year.

My values and beliefs about what it means to be a teacher…

Growth and guidance. Being a teacher means being committed to helping others grow, and to providing the support and guidance that’s needed.

Respect. Mutual respect between teacher and student is vital.

Open-mindedness. Being a teacher means always being receptive to and curious about new ideas, people, cultures, beliefs, and ways of life and thinking.

Knowledge. Teachers should share knowledge and experience generously: learning alongside the students and being an equal participant in the learning experience. Learn something new every day and keep training and knowledge up-to-date.

Trust and teamwork. Learning is about teamwork, both teacher and learner participate equally and work together. Fostering and maintaining trust is key.

Humour. Learning is fun! Laughter during lessons is a wonderful thing 🙂

What do you think? What do you think makes a good teacher?

And what qualities do you think a language learner needs? I’m collecting my thoughts and ideas on a learner profile board on Pinterest.