A day's grace – English Idiom – Online English Lessons

A day’s grace is time left or extra time allowed before something happens, or before something must be done.

Grace days or grace period refers to a longer period of time such as a month, a few weeks or a year.

Examples of use:

1. His bank manager has given him a day’s grace to clear his overdraft before she closes his account.

2. You have a few weeks’ grace to bring your credit card payments up-to-date.

3. I can let you have a day’s grace on your essay deadline.

4. They have a 30 day grace period to complete their tax forms.

5. I have more time to practise for my driving test: it’s been postponed until next week so I have four days’ grace!

Can you write a sentence using this expression?

Have you been given a day’s grace on a college essay?

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