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October 26, 2011 By Angela Boothroyd

It’s Halloween on the 31st October, the night when ghosts and witches are said to appear. Here are some suitably ghostly, spooky, evil and mysterious words and phrases…       Witches, ghosts and skeletons ♦ witch-hunt – to go on a witch-hunt is to try and find and punish or harrass people with unpopular […]

October 16, 2011 By Angela Boothroyd

1. If a boat keels over, it turns upside down or onto its side in the water. Examples of use: Their boat keeled over in the strong winds. 2. To keel over is to collapse or fall over. Examples of use: a) He drank eight bottles of beer in one hour, and keeled over on […]

October 14, 2011 By Angela Boothroyd

Here are some useful expressions for expressing or talking about anger. gets one’s goat  If something annoys or irritates you, it gets your goat. It’s thought this expression might have its origins in horse racing. Nervous racing horses were kept with goats in order to keep them calm. If a horse’s goat companion was lost […]

October 14, 2011 By Angela Boothroyd

Regular readers will notice that Online English Lessons has a new look! This site had its second anniversary in September so I think this is a perfect time to make some changes and update the site. The work on the site is ongoing, and there is quite a lot to do still, but it should […]

October 10, 2011 By Angela Boothroyd

  To leap on, or leap upon, something, is to immediately show a lot of interest in something, especially because you think it will give you an advantage. Examples of use: 1. News headline: Currency traders leap on rising confidence in US economy 2. He is hoping that companies at the top of the software […]