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October 11, 2010 By Angela Boothroyd

To put off somebody (or put somebody off) is to make them not like someone or something, or not want to do something Examples of use: 1. She liked his personality, but was put off by his fashion sense. 2. We were all put off by her arrogance. ¬† To put off something¬† (or put […]

October 10, 2010 By Angela Boothroyd

To wash up something (or wash something up) is to clean the dishes, saucepans and cutlery that you have used for cooking a meal and eating it. British and Australian English. Examples of use: 1. Can you help me wash up these dishes, please? 2. I love cooking, but I hate washing up all the […]

October 10, 2010 By Angela Boothroyd

If the effect of something (for example, alcohol, drugs, medicine) or a feeling wears off it gradually fades or goes away. Examples of use: 1. The dentist gave me an injection to numb the pain but it is wearing off. 2. He’s going to have a massive hangover when all that alcohol wears off. 3. […]